Retirement Planning Software and Post-Retirement Risks Report

Research Projects – Pension

The Society of Actuaries' Committee on Post Retirement Needs and Risks, and The Actuarial Foundation are pleased to make available the results of an effort that examined the current state of retirement planning software's handling of post-retirement risks. This effort was a follow-up and expansion to an earlier project that explored the same topic. The resulting reports, authored by John Turner of the Pension Policy Center and Hazel Witte, can be accessed below. For convenience, three separate reports with varying degrees of detail have been created.

If you have any questions or comments regarding the report, please contact Steve Siegel, Research Actuary at

The SOA's Committee on Post Retirement Needs and Risks would like to thank the following members of the project oversight group for their review and support of the project:

  • Carol Bogosian
  • Crispina Caballero
  • Matthew Drinkwater
  • Kerry Geurkink
  • Kirk Kreikemeier
  • Kevin Kwan
  • Betty Meredith
  • Richard Murphy
  • Peter Plumley
  • Anna Rappaport
  • Steven Siegel, SOA Research Actuary
  • Eric Sondergeld