Voting Satisfaction High Among SOA Voting Members

Schaumburg, IL (Jan. 30, 2017) – At this time in the election cycle, the Governance and Policy Committee (formerly the Leadership Development Committee) and the Nominating Committee (NC) are hard at work determining the issues facing the actuarial profession and identifying the skills and experience needed to serve on the SOA Board of Directors. Part of their process is reviewing the composition of the continuing SOA Board members and seeking out fellows who can provide those necessary skills and experience identified through the Nominating Committee’s careful scan of the environment. Another vital part of their process is looking closely at your feedback offered during the elections process. The Nominating Committee reviews every comment and suggestion to determine how to improve the elections process ensuring members have every opportunity to learn about and choose the best candidate.

“While the Nominating Committee determines what is coming around the bend for the actuarial profession and then recruits the best skilled candidates to address those issues head-on,” says Matt Clark, FSA, CERA, MAAA, 2017 chair, Nominating Committee. “It is even more vital to communicate the skills and talents of those candidates and why they are best equipped to serve on the Board of Directors to the members. The election process is designed so members meet us in the middle to offer their expertise and vote for who they choose as the best of those candidates to serve actuaries and their needs.”

Ninety-two percent of voting members were very satisfied or satisfied with the voting process for the 2016 election. Six percent were neutral leaving only two percent dissatisfied with the election process. Common feedback on satisfaction included:

  • “Easy to fill out and the instructions are clear.”
  • “Thanks for making the bios readily accessible; it is helpful!”
  • “Candidate bios are very easily laid out allowing for well-informed votes.”
  • “You nailed it. Easy to view the bios and vote. Very intuitive and no snags. Thanks!”

“We are pleased to see such a high volume of satisfaction,” says Clark, “However, the Nominating Committee has dedicated themselves to reviewing all of the voter feedback to determine improvements we can make. We’re going for 100 percent satisfaction rate.”

To help achieve that goal, three new people have joined the Nominating Committee. New members are Erin Knopf, FSA, MAAA; Larry Stern, FSA, MAAA; and Donna Weninger, FSA, MAAA.

One of the ways the Nominating Committee is improving the voting process is to revise the questionnaires each candidate completes for clarity. These questionnaires provide the information for the bios voting members read for each candidate. For example, one of the voting members suggested including candidates’ responses to questions about the issues faced by the SOA Board and the actuarial profession. Another voting member felt that the bios were too generic and requested more ‘hard-hitting’ questions about what candidates want to change and how they will do it.

“We heard you and are working now to update the questionnaires to align with more specific questions related to the future of the profession and the SOA,” says Clark. “So, while we work on determining the skills and experience needed to be nominated to run for the SOA Board, we are simultaneously revising the candidate questionnaire to ask the questions about how those skills and experience will impact their decisions and in what ways.”

What’s next for the SOA elections process? The Nominating Committee will issue a call for nominations for SOA Board elections. This is where you come in. Once the call for nominations is published, you can submit your name or encourage others to do so by completing an expression of interest form. The call for nominations will go out in February 2017. Visit the SOA Elections page for more information and look for announcements in your member newsletter, SOA News Weekly every Wednesday.