CPD Credit Table

View maximum CPD Units (quoted as 50 minute hours) available for previous SOA events.


EventDateLocationMaximum CPD Units
Pension De-Risking Glide Paths: Foundations, Considerations, Implementation WebcastSep 19, 2017Webcast1.50; 1.50 EA Non-Core
Innovative Models for Projecting ACA Risk Adjustment Transfer WebcastSep 06, 2017Webcast1.50
Explaining Extremes in the Context of Changing Climate WebcastAug 30, 2017Webcast1.80
Bayesian EstimationAug 23, 2017Webcast1.80
Understanding VM-20 Results WebcastAug 18, 2017Webcast1.80
Insights and Evolution of Actuarial Model Governance WebcastAug 16, 2017Webcast1.80
Communicating Model Results WebcastAug 15, 2017Webcast1.50
The FASB’s Targeted Improvements to U.S. GAAP for Long Duration Insurance Contracts WebcastJul 18, 2017Webcast1.80
Actuaries and Insurance Core Principles WebcastJul 11, 2017Webcast1.80
Beg, Borrow and Steal — Innovations Around the World WebcastJun 28, 2017Webcast1.50
Developments in DC Plans WebcastJun 06, 2017Webcast1.80; EA 1.80 Non-Core
Municipal Bankruptcy and Public Pensions WebcastMay 25, 2017Webcast1.80; EA 1.80 Non-Core
Preparation and Review of ACA Rate Filings WebcastMay 19, 2017Webcast1.50
Pet Insurance WebcastMay 15, 2017Webcast1.80
SOA Longevity Webcast Series: Approaches for Managing Institutional Longevity Risk WebcastMay 11, 2017Webcast1.80; EA 1.80 Non-Core
The New Valuation Manual and the Life Product Development Actuary Seminar May 10, 2017Seattle, WA6.40
Practical Predictive Analytics Seminar May 10, 2017Seattle, WA9.60
V51 – VM31 – PBR Actuarial Report – Which ASOPs Matter?May 09, 2017Virtual Session1.50
V63 – Platform Conversion: Considerations, Principles and ImplicationsMay 09, 2017Virtual Session1.50
2017 Life & Annuity Symposium May 08, 2017 - May 09, 2017Seattle, WA14.10
V12 – Life Product UpdateMay 08, 2017Virtual Session1.50
V23 – Annuity Product UpdateMay 08, 2017Virtual Session1.50
A Global Perspective of Risk Managed Funds WebcastMay 02, 2017Webcast1.50
Professionalism and Actuarial ModelsApr 27, 2017Webcast1.80
Retirement Industry ConferenceApr 26, 2017 - Apr 28, 2017Orlando, FL13.30
Medicaid Past and Present WebcastApr 25, 2017Webcast1.80
Life Insurance ConferenceApr 24, 2017 - Apr 26, 2017Orlando, FL12.60
GLTD 2016 Termination Study: Introduction to New VariablesApr 20, 2017Webcast1.80
Pension Modeling & Scenario Analysis WebcastApr 19, 2017Webcast1.80; 1.80 EA Non-Core
Insurance Analytics with Machine Learning: A Primer for Actuaries WebcastApr 05, 2017Webcast1.50
Projecting the ACA’s Impact on Self-Insurance in the Small Group MarketApr 04, 2017Webcast1.50
GAAP Basics – Universal Life WebcastMar 30, 2017Webcast1.80
GAAP Basics – Deferred Annuities WebcastMar 29, 2017Webcast1.80
Walking the Tightrope: Balancing Professionalism in Uncertain Times WebcastMar 23, 2017Webcast1.80
Advanced Business AnalyticsMar 21, 2017 - Mar 23, 2017Atlanta, GA24.00
Financial Economics and the Management of Public Pension Plans: A Critical Response WebcastMar 17, 2017Webcast1.80; 1.80 Non-Core
GLTD 2016 Termination Study: Analysis of Results WebcastMar 15, 2017Webcast1.50
Assessing Counterparty Exposure and Collateral Needs WebcastMar 14, 2017Webcast1.80
ReFocus ConferenceMar 05, 2017 - Mar 08, 2017Las Vegas, NV12.30
Individual and Small Group Markets: An Actuarial Perspective on the Proposed Market ChangesMar 02, 2017Webcast1.80
Post Election Market Outlook WebcastFeb 21, 2017Webcast1.20
Financial Stress in the Defined Benefit System Webcast Feb 14, 2017Webcast1.80; 1.80 EA Non-Core
GLTD 2016 Termination Study: Overview and Initial Results WebcastJan 24, 2017Webcast1.50
Long-Term Care Insurance: The SOA Pricing Project WebcastJan 17, 2017Webcast1.80
Getting Models in Shape for PBR WebcastJan 10, 2017Webcast1.80