U.S. Individual Life COVID-19 Mortality Experience Study – First Quarter 2021 Update


Individual Life COVID-19 Project Work Group


This report is presented in the form of a Tableau dashboard and is the fourth public release from this report series and contains the results of an excess mortality analysis for the first quarter of 2021. Data from 31 companies representing approximately 72% of the industry’s face amount inforce were included in the analyses in this report. A total of 3.0 million death claims from individual life policies from 2015 through March 31, 2021 make up the basis of the analyses. The report also compares the experience under COVID-19 of the insured population versus the general population.


U.S. Individual Life COVID-19 Mortality Experience Study – First Quarter 2021 Update: Tableau Dashboard
COVID-19 Mortality Study: Actual and Expected Relative Mortality Ratio Examples
COVID-19 Mortality Study: 2020 and 2021 Relative Mortality Ratio Examples

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LIMRA, RGA, the SOA, and TAI would like to acknowledge the Individual Life COVID-19 Project Work Group. Without their efforts, this project could not have come to fruition.

Dan Busa (LIMRA)
Justin Clark (LIMRA)
Korrel Crawford (SOA)
Mary Kate Hoerichs (LIMRA)
Tao Huang, ASA (RGA)
Mervyn Kopinsky, FSA, EA, MAAA (SOA)
Cynthia MacDonald, FSA, MAAA (SOA)
Jake Maynard (RGA)
Jason McKinley, FSA (RGA)
Pete Miller, ASA, MAAA (SOA)
Marianne Purushotham, FSA, MAAA (LIMRA)
Scott Rushing, FSA, MAAA (RGA)
Maureen Shaughnessy, FSA, MAAA (LIMRA)
Mike Skelley (TAI)

LIMRA, RGA, the SOA, and TAI would also like to acknowledge the following individuals for their contributions in the success of this effort.

Nargiz Alekberova (RGA)
Kathryn Cox, FSA (RGA)
Sam King (RGA)
Ben Maska (TAI)
Pete Murphy (TAI)
Shweta Pejathaya (RGA)
Mike Skelley (TAI)
Rich Tallon (TAI)

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