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Session 55 PD: Pension Funding Rules—An International Comparison
Requirements for financing private pension plans differ significantly and reflect the role each nation intends such plans to fill. The presenters will discuss representative pension funding laws from around the world in comparison to those mandated in the United States. Topics to be covered also include the types of private plans offered in the representative countries/regions, the role of public pension plans, and general funding levels.
  • Authors: Douglas J. Carey, Fsa, Ea, Fca, Maaa Jason Michael Gratson, Asa, Ea, Fca, Maaa Mahasen S. Kunapuli, Fsa, Ea, Fca David Pittet

  • Date: Oct. 2014

  • Topics: Funding; Global markets; Global Perspectives; Pension legislation and regulation; Pensions & Retirement ;

  • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge ;

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Session 86 PD: FASB/IASB Developments—Insurance Accounting
An expert panel will update the participants at this session on developments at the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) on insurance accounting proposals and the implications for U.S., Canadian and international insurers.
  • Authors: Henry W. Siegel Fsa, Maaa Tara J. P. Hansen, Fsa, Maaa Leonard J. Reback, Fsa, Maaa

  • Date: Oct. 2014

  • Topics: Financial Accounting Standards Board [FASB]; Financial Reporting & Accounting; Global markets; Global Perspectives; International Accounting Standards Board [IASB] ;

  • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge ;

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Global Insurance Series: Takaful and Latin American Markets
The session will provide a market overview, highlight core product offerings, and describe challenges faced.
  • Authors: Society Of Actuaries

  • Date: Oct. 2013

  • Topics: Global markets; Global Perspectives; Latin America; Middle East-Africa ;

  • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge ;

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Working Abroad as an Actuary
During this session, you will hear expat stories from a panel of speakers who have worked across the globe. At the conclusion of the session, attendees will be able to compare working experiences among different regions, and the challenges and benefits to working abroad.
  • Authors: Society Of Actuaries

  • Date: Oct. 2013

  • Topics: Expatriate experience; Global markets; Global Perspectives ;

  • Competency: Relationship Management & Interpersonal Collaboration ;

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Session 149 PD, Determining the Impact of Climate Change on Insurance Risk and the Global Community
In this session, members of the Climate Index Working Group explain the collaborative research efforts underway to address the potential impacts of climate change and discuss the results to date. They will also explain the development of the Actuaries Climate Change Index.
  • Authors: Ronora E Stryker, Caterina Lindman, Tanya Havlicek

  • Date: Oct. 2012

  • Topics: Global markets; Global Perspectives ;

  • Competency: Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving ;

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Chairperson’s Corner
The MaD Chairman discusses the middle market research and upcoming China research. He talks about how MaD is working cooperatively with other sections and its benefits. He thanks the SOA staff and the departing MaD Section Council Members and welcomes the incomers.
  • Authors: Adam Merlin Vanevenhoven

  • Date: May. 2014

  • Publication: NewsDirect

  • Topics: Actuarial Profession; Asia-Pacific Rim; Global markets; Global Perspectives; Professional associations ; Professional development more...

  • Competency: Communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge; General business skills; Written communication ;

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Comparative Health Care Systems: What Can We Learn from Examining the Health Care Systems of Other Countries?
This session will compare and contrast the health care system in the United States to that of several other countries. It will examine how health care is delivered, how it is financed and how much it costs. The session will go over why the US health care system is ranked 37th in the world. It will look at best practices and what might and might not work in the US. By evaluating how the US stacks up in terms of quality and costs, participants will learn how we might benefit from understanding the health care systems of other countries. Specific comparisons to the United Kingdom and Australia are included. From the SOA 2010 Health Meeting, Session 5
  • Date: Jun. 2010

  • Topics: Global markets; Global Perspectives; Health & Disability; Health care ;

  • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge ;

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IAAHS - International Disability Actuarial Issues
Presented at the 2009 Health Spring Meeting and covers disability product design for numerous countries including Netherlands, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa.
  • Date: Jun. 2009

  • Topics: Critical illness insurance; Disability insurance; Global markets; Global Perspectives; Health & Disability ;

  • Competency: Communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge; Oral communication; Strategic Insight and Integration; Strategy development ;

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Discussion of the Papers by Robert L. Brown and Thomas Trauth
This paper is an overview on two interesting papers focusing on potential implications of aging populations in various sectors of the developed world. Robert Brown focuses primarily on Canada and the United States Thomas Trauth on a broader set of OECD countries. From NAAJ, January 2001, Volume 5, Number 1.
  • Authors: Syl Schieber

  • Date: Dec. 2012

  • Publication: North American Actuarial Journal

  • Topics: Global markets; Global Perspectives; Pensions & Retirement; Retirement risks; Social Insurance ; Social Security more...

  • Competency: Big picture view; Strategic Insight and Integration ;

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A Comparison of Solvency Requirements and Early Warning Systems for Life Insurance Companies in China with Representative World Practices
This paper reports on a pioneering study comparing different statutory reserve, solvency, and early warning systems in a sample of countries and regions in three of the world’s important economic regions—Asia, North America, and Europe. The results are analyzed as a comparative study of the People’s Republic of China’s total assets required for the reserves and solvency margins under the practices of other jurisdictions. Early warning systems also are discussed From NAAJ, January 2002, Volume 6, Number 1.
  • Authors: Johnny C K Wong

  • Date: Dec. 2011

  • Publication: North American Actuarial Journal

  • Topics: Global markets; Global Perspectives; Life Insurance; Reserves - Life Insurance ;

  • Competency: Actuarial theory in business context; External Forces & Industry Knowledge ;

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