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  • Palliative Care
    Palliative Care This article from major US payers describes palliative care as a scaleable means of ... Payment models=Health care payment models;Health care costs;Managed care;Home health care 6442471996 11/1/2016 ...

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    • Authors: Randall Krakauer, Bruce Smith, Diane Meier, Torrie Fields
    • Date: Nov 2016
    • Competency: Leadership>Change management; Leadership>Influence; Leadership>Mentoring; Leadership>Professional network leverage; Leadership>Thought leadership; Results-Oriented Solutions>Actionable recommendations; Results-Oriented Solutions>Assess decision effectiveness; Strategic Insight and Integration>Big picture view; Strategic Insight and Integration>Effective decision-making
    • Publication Name: Health Watch
    • Topics: Economics>Health economics; Enterprise Risk Management>Systematic risk; Experience Studies & Data>Morbidity; Experience Studies & Data>Mortality; Health & Disability>Chronic health management - Health & Disability; Health & Disability>Health care quality; Health & Disability>Payment models