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  • The Financial Reporter
    performed by Illinois to identify C-1 risk passing from direct writers to reinsurers under modco agreements. ... on others to do their work. But they should take care to rely on others only where law, regulation and/or ...

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    • Authors: Frank Buck, Jerry Enoch, Frank S Irish, Edward Robbins, Raymond Ted Schlude, Laura J Hay, Keith Dall, John F Bevacqua, Elizabeth Rogalin
    • Date: Dec 2002
    • Publication Name: The Financial Reporter
  • Financial Reporter Newsletter, Issue 47, May 2004
    Statutory Surplus Change AFIT -Gain from Operations -Direct Credit to Surplus’ Full DTA Admitted DTA Non ... point on what is needed, may be too specific in direct- ing the use of scenario testing as the way to ...

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    • Authors: Jerry Enoch, David C Heavilin, James W Lamson, Carol A Marler, Edward Robbins, Max Rudolph, Raymond Ted Schlude, Bradley M Smith, Vincent Y Y Tsang, Steven Lash, Rebecca Wang, Tara J P Hansen, Valentina A Isakina
    • Date: May 2004
    • Publication Name: The Financial Reporter