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  • Futurism
    orbit. _lat is Futurism? Let us go back to the primary question -- what is futurism? Futurism may be thought ... the action, whether directly or indirectly. The direct effects are usually easy to recognize, but secondary ...

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    • Authors: George R Dinney, Wilfred A Kraegel, Anna M Rappaport, Roy R Anderson
    • Date: Oct 1977
    • Competency: Strategic Insight and Integration
    • Publication Name: Record of the Society of Actuaries
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession
  • Life Insurance and Savings in the Economy
    and invites criminal penalties. Therefore, great care must be taken to prevent the sales pres- entation ... dividend addition of $20 per thousand provides a direct hedge against a steady in- flation of 2 percent ...

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    • Authors: Norman F Buck, George R Dinney, Melvin L Gold, Billy N Joyner, David G Scott, W Keith Sloan, Robert C Tookey, Donald B Warren, JOHN H MILLER, Andrew C Webster, William J November, Edwin B. Lancaster, Garnett E Cannon, Henry F Rood, Joseph W Hahn, Wilmer A Jenkins, Harold R Lawson, A Edward Archibald, Charles H Barnaby, E Forrest Estes, Edward A Dougherty, George H Davis, Joseph R Pickering
    • Date: Mar 1962
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge>External forces and business performance; Strategic Insight and Integration
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Life Insurance>Marketing and distribution - Life Insurance