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  • Product Matters! November 2002, Issue No. 54
    products such as disability income or long term care. Under the acceler- ated rider, the policyholder ... market including individual, voluntary (worksite), direct response and group. Some products may offer a series ...

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    • Authors: Application Administrator, Douglas Doll, Jay Jaffe, Michael Kaster, Daniel Theodore, Susan Kimball, Michael Taht, Mary J Bahna-Nolan, Andrew M Erman, John J Spina
    • Date: Nov 2002
    • Publication Name: Product Matters!
  • NewsDirect Newsletter, September 2002, Issue No. 41
    NEWSDIRECT Features... 1 Direct Insurance Sales Using Microeconomics by Robert E. Winawer 2 Articles ... We Did On Our Summer Vacation by Jay M. Jaffe Direct Insurance Sales Using Microeconomics Improving ...

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    • Authors: Nancy Behrens, Michael L Fix, Jay Jaffe, Maria Thomson, Julie Tani, Robert E Winawer, William G Winterman, Application Administrator, Simon Walsh
    • Date: Sep 2002
    • Publication Name: News Direct