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  • Risks and Rewards Newsletter, February 2001, Issue No. 36
    approaches presented by Babbel, Gold and Merrill involve direct discounting of liability cash flows. However, current ... ings at a hurdle rate. Many observers feel that direct discounting and the actuarial appraisal method ...

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    • Authors: Lawrence N Bader, Nino A Boezio, Catherine Ehrlich, Luke Girard, Jeremy Gold, David Ingram, Victor Modugno, Max Rudolph, Stephen Strommen, Peter Tilley, David F Babbel, Sarah Christiansen, Gregory Goulding, Anthony Dardis, Edwin A Martin, William L Babcock, Craig Merrill, Marc Altschull, Stephen Britt, Peter D Jones
    • Date: Feb 2001
    • Publication Name: Risks & Rewards