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  • The Modeling Platform
    into the map. Manual items often require special care and con- sideration in effective model management ... and other indirect experience items as well as direct application of profes- sional judgment to assumptions ...

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    • Authors: Society of Actuaries
    • Date: Apr 2016
    • Competency: Professional Values>Practice expertise; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Incorporate risk management; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Innovative solutions; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Problem analysis and definition; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Process and technique refinement
    • Publication Name: The Modeling Platform
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Best practices; Actuarial Profession>Competencies; Enterprise Risk Management>Governance; Enterprise Risk Management>Operational risks; Life Insurance>Policyholder behavior - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Universal life; Modeling & Statistical Methods>Deterministic models; Modeling & Statistical Methods>Modeling efficiency; Modeling & Statistical Methods>Scenario generation; Modeling & Statistical Methods>Stochastic models; Technology & Applications>Software