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  • A Review of Root Cause in Insurer Insolvencies and Impairments
    liability; Life & Annuity, Health, including long- term care (LTC); and Health cooperatives. Figure 1 Number ... circumstances. Some insurer insolvencies point to one primary causal driver, such as fraud. However, a majority ...

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    • Authors: David Heppen, Veronika Cooper
    • Date: Aug 2018
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge>External forces and business performance; External Forces & Industry Knowledge>Internal forces and business performance; Professional Values>Practice expertise; Strategic Insight and Integration>Effective decision-making; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Incorporate risk management; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Innovative solutions; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Problem analysis and definition; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Process and technique refinement
    • Publication Name: Risk Management
    • Topics: Enterprise Risk Management>Operational risks; Enterprise Risk Management>Risk measurement - ERM; Finance & Investments>Investments