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  • Digest of Discussion at Concurrent Sessions
    to attempt to estimate optimum sizes of its two primary sources of earnings--net worth and premium revenue ... produce desired profit margins and will have a direct im- pact on GAAP earnings. 2. Changes ih the ...

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    • Authors: George Alexander, John C Antliff, Robert M Astley, Paul M Bailey, Barry L Blazer, Bob J Bolin, Application Administrator, Joseph R Brzezinski, Daniel Case, Stanley R Freilich, Norman E Hill, Richard Humphrys, Michael B Hutchison, James D Lamb, John Pennisten, Thomas K Pennington, Joe B Pharr, Anna M Rappaport, Richard S Raskin, Frank D Repp, Walter Rugland, C David Silletto, Maurice O Simmons, Robert C Tookey, David A Wright, Martin L Zeffert, Charles Barry H. Watson, Jack M Elkin, Richard B Sieben
    • Date: Jan 1974
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Competencies; Life Insurance; Pensions & Retirement