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  • Digest of Discussion at Concurrent Sessions
    an individual or individuals with whom he has a direct or indirect financial or organizational relationship ... D438 DISCUSSION- -CONCURRENT SESSIONS The primary purpose of this act is to protect plan participants ...

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    • Authors: E Paul Barnhart, Preston C Bassett, Lynd T Blatchford, Edwin F Boynton, James J Connors, Edward H Friend, Allan D Greenberg, Robert H Jordan, Daniel J Kunesh, Thomas Levy, Robert F Link, David L Lively, Russell Mueller, Robert J Myers, Richard P Peterson, Henry B Ramsey, John G Wallace, David S Williams, Rodney C Wilton, John W Wood, Charles Barry H. Watson, Dale R Gustafson, Sidney Benjamin, Application Administrator
    • Date: Jan 1974
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge; Professional Values>Ethical standards
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Ethics; Demography>Population data; Life Insurance; Pensions & Retirement