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  • Digest of Discussion at Concurrent Sessions
    Digest of Discussion at Concurrent Sessions The following topics were discussed at concurrent ... insurance products, 3. Trends in hospital and medical care utilization, 4. Insurance distribution and marketing ...

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    • Authors: William H Aitken, Arthur W Anderson, John C Antliff, James A Attwood, Dwight K Bartlett, Stephen D Bickel, Claude Boily, John M Bragg, Alden W Brosseau, George Brummer, Burton E Burton, Paul A Campbell, George F S Clarke, Donald D Cody, John M Cole, G Ashley Cooper, Laurence E Coward, Raymond L Crapo, Joseph B Crimmins, William Cunningham, James A Curtis, Richard Daskais, Waid J Davidson, Frank P di Paolo, Robert C Dowsett, William A Dreher, Samuel Eckler, Lawrence A Ehrhart, Linda B Emory, Robert G Espie, William A Feeney, Niels H Fischer, John H Flittie, P William Forester, Application Administrator, John J Gianino, Melvin L Gold, Robert B Goode, Myles L Grover, Donald S Grubbs, Albert Gubar, William A Halvorson, Narindra N Handa, S Martin Hickman, Anthony J Houghton, Robert N Houser, William C Hsiao, Harold G Ingraham, John G Ireland, Fenton R Isaacson, A Henry Kunkemueller, Gerald A Levy, Robert F Link, John Macarchuk, John B Massey, Paul J Mason, Daniel J McCarthy, Daniel F McGinn, Walter N Miller, John B Moore, Joseph W Moran, Robert J Myers, James Olsen, Thomas K Pennington, Donald M Peterson, Albert Pike, James L Purdy, Anna M Rappaport, Donald H Reid, Alan Richards, C Ronald Riley, Walter Rugland, Charles Schaller-Kelly, Alan W Sibigtroth, Conrad Siegel, J Darrison Sillesky, Walter W Steffen, Harry L Sutton, John R Taylor, Samuel H Turner, Marc M Twinney, Harry Walker, George N Watson, David A Webster, William White, Ross J Wilson, William C Wirth, John Miller, Charles L. Trowbridge, James Ross Gray, Frank L Griffin, W Harold Bittel, James C H Anderson, H R Dienst, John Dyer, Dale R Gustafson, Paul T Bourdeau, J Edwin Matz, John C Fraser, Walter Klem, Harry E Blagden, Donald R Anderson, Alfred L Buckman, Charles M Sternhell, Edward A Green, Frederick P Sloat, Royal A Johnson, W Gilbert Cook, John C Archibald, Delos H Christian, Schuyler W Tompson, Harold Thompson
    • Date: Oct 1969
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Life Insurance; Pensions & Retirement>Pension legislation and regulation