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  • Quo Vadis Reinsurance
    to increase their impact as intermediaries, and direct insurers increasingly retaining business that ... also supporting the transformation challenges of direct insurers.3 Examples, such as Blackberry and Nokia ...

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    • Authors: Dirk Nieder
    • Date: Jan 2020
    • Competency: Communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge; Leadership; Professional Values; Relationship Management; Results-Oriented Solutions; Strategic Insight and Integration; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving
    • Publication Name: Reinsurance News
    • Topics: Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Policyholder behavior - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Pricing - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Term life; Life Insurance>Underwriting - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Product development - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Universal life; Life Insurance>Marketing and distribution - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Claims - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Whole life; Reinsurance; Reinsurance>Financial reinsurance; Reinsurance>Financial reporting for reinsurance; Reinsurance>Life reinsurance; Reinsurance>Marketing and distribution - Reinsurance; Reinsurance>Pricing - Reinsurance; Life Insurance>Guaranteed issue