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  • Risks and Rewards Newsletter, February 2003, Issue No. 41
    (Mark Bursinger). We liai- son with the Long Term Care Section (Larry Rubin) and with Continuing Education ... a problem because the problem is not subject to direct experimentation. 3 Analysts are hampered in their ...

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    • Authors: Lawrence N Bader, Nino A Boezio, Paul Donahue, Anson Glacy, Jeremy Gold, David Ingram, Max Rudolph, Peter Tilley, Richard Wendt, Douglas A George, Valentina A Isakina, Lilli Segre Tossani
    • Date: Feb 2003
    • Publication Name: Risks & Rewards
  • Risks and Rewards Newsletter, May 2002, Issue No. 39
    to begin to use the risk assessment approach to direct their audit activities by June 2002 and the entire ... not been lost; all stable value managers weigh care- fully the minimum issuer credit rating they deem ...

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    • Authors: Nino A Boezio, Anson Glacy, David Ingram, Victor Modugno, Max Rudolph, Hubert B Mueller, Joseph Koltisko
    • Date: May 2002
    • Publication Name: Risks & Rewards