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  • An Overview of Health Issues and Recent Developments for the Non-Health Actuary
    session discussed about expected trends in medical care costs, changes in Medicare reimbursement practices ... responsibility for providing long-term care, rise of managed health care, new and old participants, selection ...

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    • Authors: Phyllis Doran, Roland E King, Charles Larimer, Joseph W Moran, John K Ninomiya
    • Date: Apr 1986
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge>External forces and business performance; Leadership>Change management; Professional Values>Public interest representation; Strategic Insight and Integration>Strategy development
    • Publication Name: Record of the Society of Actuaries
    • Topics: Economics>Health economics; Experience Studies & Data; Health & Disability>Health care; Long-term Care>Long-term care insurance; Public Policy; Social Insurance>Medicare
  • Soundbites from the American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice Council
    Soundbites from the American Academy of Actuaries’ Health Practice Council Updates on the efforts ... and influence health care policymakers on issues including principles for health care reform, Medicare, ...

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    • Authors: Heather E Jerbi, Tim M Mahony
    • Date: May 2010
    • Competency: Communication>Written communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge>Actuarial theory in business context; Leadership>Influence; Professional Values>Public interest representation
    • Publication Name: Health Watch
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Professional associations; Experience Studies & Data; Public Policy; Public Policy; Social Insurance>Medicare