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  • New Recording Means and Computing Devices
    lines introduce many complications. Some have no direct relation to the problem--for example, various reports ... plan-age-year order. The factors re- quired for the direct distribution approach are so few that they can ...

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    • Authors: J Stanley Hill, Charles G Lincoln, John O Prouty, Ronald G Stagg, Kermit Lang, Manuel R. Cueto, Harry W Jones, Gordon C. Streeter, Jeremy Conor Davidson
    • Date: Jun 1953
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge>Internal forces and business performance; Strategic Insight and Integration
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Technology & Applications
  • Actuarial Aspects of a Consolidated Functions Electronic System
    are substantially the same. For this reason the primary purpose of this paper is not to describe the end ... primarily the design of actuaries. Although the primary input is prepared for the total system, the concept ...

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    • Authors: Murray Becker, Yuan Chang, J Stanley Hill, William R Lones, Jack O Parsonage, Charles F Pestal, John O Prouty, George E Wallace, Daniel Barry, Joseph R Pickering, William H. Phillips, Application Administrator
    • Date: Jun 1963
    • Competency: Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Process and technique refinement
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Technology & Applications>Computer science