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  • Minimum Garanteed Benefits of Variable Annuities
    all the guarantees. AG 34, which was MMM, takes care of the reserves for the variable guaranteed minimum ... FLOOR: The second question is, is that true for a direct writer of these contracts or just from a reinsurer’s ...

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    • Authors: Franklin Clapper, Kerry Krantz, John M O'Sullivan, Stephen A J Sedlak, Cindy Barnard, Charles Dana Tatro
    • Date: Sep 2000
    • Competency: Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Incorporate risk management
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Standards of practice; Annuities>Variable annuities; Financial Reporting & Accounting>Generally Accepted Accounting Principles [GAAP]; Financial Reporting & Accounting>Statutory accounting; Public Policy; Reinsurance>Financial reporting for reinsurance; Reinsurance>Reserving - Reinsurance