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  • From the Editors
    From the Editors “Academic Actuaries” is a new column that has been added to the Independent Consultant ... what students think about topics such as health care and social security;   Nick Ortner describes the ...
    • Authors: Carlos Sanchez-Fuentes, Stephen James
    • Date: Feb 2016
    • Competency: Communication>Persuasive communication; Communication>Written communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge>General business skills; Leadership>Mentoring; Leadership>Professional network leverage; Leadership>Thought leadership; Professional Values>Ethical standards
    • Publication Name: The Independent Consultant
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Alternative careers; Actuarial Profession>Code of Conduct; Actuarial Profession>Entrepreneurism; Actuarial Profession>Ethics; Actuarial Profession>Traditional careers
  • The Stepping Stone
    Diversity Committee (IDC). The volunteers who direct it, and the staff who support us, are all very ... minorities at all levels of the education system, from primary school to medical school. They developed recommendations ...

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    • Authors: Society of Actuaries
    • Date: May 2016
    • Competency: Communication>Oral communication; Communication>Persuasive communication; Communication>Written communication; Leadership>Change management; Leadership>Influence; Leadership>Mentoring; Leadership>Thought leadership; Professional Values; Relationship Management>Relationships and trust; Relationship Management>Staff management and motivation; Strategic Insight and Integration>Influence decisions
    • Publication Name: The Stepping Stone
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Best practices; Actuarial Profession>Code of Conduct; Actuarial Profession>Competencies; Actuarial Profession>Entrepreneurism; Actuarial Profession>Professional development; Actuarial Profession>Traditional careers; Enterprise Risk Management>Risk appetite