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  • The Suitability Solution for Long-TermCare Insurance
    Long-TermCare Insurance We see a problem in the long-term care insurance industry because we don’t have a standard ... loss for what to do with LTCI. Long-term care=LTC;Long-term care insurance=LTCI;Marketing and distribution;Medicaid; ...

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    • Authors: Denise M Michaud, Steven G Stauss
    • Date: Apr 2005
    • Competency: Communication>Persuasive communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge>Actuarial theory in business context; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Problem analysis and definition
    • Publication Name: Long-Term Care News
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Ethics; Long-term Care>Long-term care insurance
  • From the Editors
    From the Editors “Academic Actuaries” is a new column that has been added to the Independent Consultant ... what students think about topics such as health care and social security;   Nick Ortner describes the ...
    • Authors: Carlos Sanchez-Fuentes, Stephen James
    • Date: Feb 2016
    • Competency: Communication>Persuasive communication; Communication>Written communication; External Forces & Industry Knowledge>General business skills; Leadership>Mentoring; Leadership>Professional network leverage; Leadership>Thought leadership; Professional Values>Ethical standards
    • Publication Name: The Independent Consultant
    • Topics: Actuarial Profession>Alternative careers; Actuarial Profession>Code of Conduct; Actuarial Profession>Entrepreneurism; Actuarial Profession>Ethics; Actuarial Profession>Traditional careers