Announcement: SOA releases April 2022 Exam PA passing candidate numbers.
Announcement: SOA congratulates the new ASAs and CERAs for June 2022.

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  • Policy Plans
    Policy Plans This discussion examines new products and marketing issues pertaining to individual ... and the lapse rate is only half of that on "pay direct" quarterly business. It should be emphasized that ...

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    • Authors: Society of Actuaries, William Allan, Richard A Leggett, Robert E Slater, Edward H Sweetser, Charles Connolly, Henry F Rood, Harold R Lawson, Clarence H Tookey, Melvin C Pryce, J Edward Morrison
    • Date: Jun 1954
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge>External forces and business performance
    • Publication Name: Transactions of the SOA
    • Topics: Life Insurance>Pricing - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Underwriting - Life Insurance; Life Insurance>Marketing and distribution - Life Insurance