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  • Addressing the Financial Risks from Retirement Systems Seminar: Beyond Private Enterprise: Risks in Social Security, Medicare, and Government Plans
    changing careers and there are significant health care issues. There was a big article in this morning's ... Motors (GM) is threatening to just pull its health care with United Automobile Workers (UAW) if they don't ...

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    • Authors: Application Administrator, Stephen Goss, Lawrence A Johansen, Clare M McFarland
    • Date: Jun 2005
    • Competency: Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Incorporate risk management
    • Publication Name: Record of the Society of Actuaries
    • Topics: Pensions & Retirement>Public sector plans; Pensions & Retirement>Risk management
  • Health Expectancy
    Healthy 5-3 Incidence Rates to Skilled Nursing Care 5-4 Incidence Rates, Average Stay, and Claim Cost ... (2) needs assisted living and (3) needs skilled care. Comparisons are given with external sources. As ...

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    • Authors: Application Administrator, John M Bragg, James C Brooks
    • Date: Feb 2010
    • Competency: External Forces & Industry Knowledge>Actuarial theory in business context; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Innovative solutions; Technical Skills & Analytical Problem Solving>Problem analysis and definition
    • Publication Name: Actuarial Practice Forum
    • Topics: Experience Studies & Data>Morbidity; Pensions & Retirement>Risk management