Health Section – 2020 Leadership

Mission Statement

The purpose of the section shall be to prepare health actuaries for positions of leadership and promote the relevance of health actuaries in the marketplace by:

  • Providing relevant educational opportunities and member communications
  • Facilitating practical research, and
  • Continually expanding the marketplace relevance of the health actuary brand.


Jackie Lee, Chairperson

Joan Barrett, Vice-Chairperson

Doug Norris, Secretary/Treasurer

Council Members

Deana Bell

Casey Hammer

Geoffrey Hileman

Craig Kalman

Wendy Kwan

Marilyn McGaffin

Rick Pawelski

Sudha Shenoy

Kelsey Stevens

Newsletter Editor

Rick Pawelski

SOA Staff

Joe Wurzburger, Staff Partner

Ladelia Berger, Section Specialist

Julia Anderson Bauer, Staff Editor