Announcement: SOA releases October 2019 Exam STAM passing candidate numbers.

International Section – 2019 Leadership

Mission Statement

The purpose of the International Section of the Society of Actuaries is to encourage and to facilitate the professional development of its members and affiliates who are involved in international insurance, pensions, or Social Security programs, or who are interested in international areas of practice, through activities such as meetings, seminars, research studies, and the exchange of information.


Arpita Das, Chairperson

Susan Mateja, Vice-Chairperson

Steven Chen, Secretary

Manyu Wong, Treasurer


Council Members

Yanjie Feng

Heather Ingram

Esteban Paez

Ken Seng Tan

James Xu


Newsletter Editors

Milanthi Sarukkali, Editor in Chief

Carlos Arocha, Deputy Editor in Chief


SOA Staff

Ben Marshall, Staff Partner

Jane Lesch, Section Specialist

Karen Williams, International Project Manager