Leadership & Development Section – 2019 Leadership

Mission Statement

The mission of the Leadership & Development Section within the Society of Actuaries is to promote and facilitate leadership development, business perspective, and interpersonal skills for current and aspiring actuaries.

The key objectives of the section will be to:

  • Provide tools to facilitate personal career development
  • Provide results-oriented skills and knowledge for current and developing managers
  • Build a bridge from technical knowledge to decision making and its implementation
  • Develop educational opportunities and provide resources for all actuaries who strive to become more effective leaders within their business organizations
  • Offer opportunities to network, enhance management practices and experience professional feedback.


Mitch Stephenson, Chairperson

Ying Zhao, Vice-Chairperson

Michelle Young, Secretary

David Ruiz, Treasurer


Council Members

Jim Clark

Abe Gootzeit

Scott Haglund

Amanda Hug

Rong Rong


Newsletter Editor

John West Hadley


SOA Staff

Beth Bernardi, Staff Partner

Jane Lesch, Section Specialist

Julia Anderson Bauer, Staff Editor