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Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section – 2019 Leadership

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section is to facilitate the professional development of its members by providing them information about predictive analytics and futurism methods and tools applicable to the work of actuaries, including: what the methods and tools are, when to use them and when not to (based on experiential evidence), how to use them (including practical examples of their use, and best–practice guidelines) and how to present the results. The Section will accomplish this purpose through SOA meetings, special seminars, research studies, and dissemination of literature.


Eileen Burns, Chair

Cassie He, Vice-Chair

Michael Niemerg, Secretary/Treasurer

Council Members

Dorothy Andrews

Joy Chen

Garfield Francis

Nathan Pohle

Dave Snell

Xiaojie (Jane) Wang

Newsletter Editors

Dave Snell

Kevin Jones

SOA Staff

Beth Bernardi, Staff Partner

Jessica Schuh, Section Specialist