Smaller Insurance Company Section – 2019 Leadership

Mission Statement

The mission of the section shall be to encourage and facilitate the professional development of its members through activities such as meetings, seminars and the generation and dissemination of literature pertaining to the unique problems that face actuaries serving smaller insurance companies. The section focuses on methods, techniques and solutions that do not require the more extensive actuarial resources available to large companies, and provides a forum where professionals working in a smaller company environment can discuss their special concerns.



Julie Hunsinger, Chair

Carolyn Covington, Vice-Chair

Michelle Grusenmeyer, Secretary/Treasurer


Council Members

Mark Birdsall

Kevin Dill

Pamela Hutchins

Jonathan Pollio

Stephen Rook

Jacqueline Yang


Newsletter Editors

Scott Haglund

Jonathan Pollio

Michael Watanabe


SOA Staff

David Schraub, Staff Partner

Jessica Schuh, Section Specialist