U.S. Historical Population Mortality Rates 2000-2014

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is pleased to present historical U.S. population mortality rates by gender and single year of age for calendar years 2000-2014.

To develop these rates, the SOA relied upon data furnished by the Centers for Disesase Control and Prevention, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and the Social Security Administration. Details regarding the development of the mortality rates, along with a table of the rates themselves, can be found at right under “Related Links”.


U.S. Historical Population Mortality Rates 2000-2014

U.S. Historical Population Mortality Rates 2000-2014


If you have any questions regarding these historical U.S. population mortality rates, please contact Patrick Nolan at +1-847-273-8860 or pnolan@soa.org.

Updates Log

  • 11/28/2016: Mortality rates for females have been updated to correct an error present in the previously published version. Please see the PDF document at right for more detail.
  • 11/28/2016: Mortality rates have been rounded to five decimal places.
  • 11/9/2016: Due to concerns regarding the reliability of data at very advanced ages, the maximum age for which mortality rates are shown is age 100.