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Blue Ribbon-

Blue Ribbon Panel


The Society of Actuaries is proud to announce publication of the report of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Public Pension Plan Funding. The SOA commissioned this multidisciplinary, independent panel to identify the primary factors influencing current funded status and recommend prospective solutions to improve funding, including where actuaries play an important role.

We invite you to read the report and related resources. Once you have done so, please contact me and the SOA with your questions, comments and perspectives. Your input will be indispensable as we move forward with engaging all stakeholders on the panel’s recommendations.


Mark Freedman, FSA, MAAA
President, Society of Actuaries


Upcoming Evets -

Canadian Health Actuary Seminar—May 5

You asked, we listened. The first Canadian Health Actuary Seminar will feature experts speaking on the driving issues of the Canadian healthcare market. This seminar is designed to be most beneficial for Canadian health actuaries seeking a practical and concise overview of the current Canadian healthcare environment. There will also be some discussion of North American healthcare systems. 

Life & Annuity Symposium Seminars - May 21

The Actuarial Communication for the Product Development Actuary, Beyond Excel—Advanced Data Analysis and Innovation seminars, taking place after the 2014 Life & Annuity Symposium in Atlanta, will feature presenters detailing best practices specific to your profession and providing tips for success in various situations. Register today for one of these three events! 

Reserves Week Seminars: A Comprehensive Look at U.S. Reserving Principles—June 10-12

Reserves Week includes three seminars specifically designed by PolySystems to provide the level of in-service education that is required to fully comprehend the fundamental principles of reserving. Apply the principles to statutory, GAAP and tax reserving processes on the job, whether you are in financial reporting or product development.

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