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CPD Requirement

About the SOA CPD Requirement

The SOA CPD Requirement applies to all members of the SOA. Members must meet the requirements of Section B of the requirement, or one of the four alternative compliance methods. Members must attest annually to compliance over the last two calendar years, and compliance is disclosed in the joint directory of actuarial memberships. While members are not required to complete the requirement, members who don't complete the requirement are considered "non-compliant" and must disclose their non-compliance to those who rely on their actuarial expertise.

How to attest

Members must attest annually to their compliance with the SOA CPD Requirement over the past two years. Members attest that they met the SOA CPD Requirement using one or more of the five compliance paths. Members who do not attest compliance are assumed to be "non-compliant" and must meet the terms of non-compliance as set out in the SOA CPD Requirement.

About Disclosure of Member's Compliance Status

As part of the SOA CPD Requirement, members' compliance status is disclosed in the joint directory of actuarial memberships. Members' compliance is shown as "Compliant," "Non-compliant" or "Retired" for the two-year CPD compliance cycle just ended. During the attestation period, it may show the status "In Reporting" or "Pending."