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Applying for VEE Credit



You may apply for VEE candidate credit by clicking on the “Apply online for VEE Credit” buttons on the VEE Home Page. A separate order must be placed for all three VEE topics.

Candidates are required to submit official original transcript(s) from all the institutions listed on the application directly to the VEE Administration Committee. Transcript copies, school grade reports, or unofficial transcripts printed from a university Web site or sent electronically do NOT meet the documentation requirement.

All transcripts should be mailed to:

VEE Administration Committee
Society of Actuaries
475 N Martingale Road Suite 600
Schaumburg, IL 60173

All online orders require credit card payment. Paper applications will only be accepted if paying by check.

Only courses and educational experiences that appear in the VEE Directory of Approved Courses and Alternate Options may be submitted for VEE credit. A grade of B– or better (or the accepted equivalent) is required for each VEE approved course. Candidates may not submit applications for partial credit (e.g., an approved regression analysis course may not be submitted alone, it must be accompanied on the same application with an approved time series course). Each VEE topic must be applied for individually and all topics do not have to be submitted at the same time.

Two approved courses/options may be combined to complete a VEE topic requirement. For example, an approved regression analysis course from a university may be combined with an approved time series course from another school or provider.

If a course doesn’t appear in the VEE Directory of Approved Courses and Alternate Options, you have the option submit a Course Approval Application. Please check the Guidelines for Course Approval to see if the course meets all the necessary requirements before sending in the application. Please note: Corporate finance courses must be completed in the combinations shown in the directory. No alternate combinations will be accepted without an additional course approval application process.

Once the Candidate Credit order/application is received with payment and the transcript showing the required grade on the approved course/option has been verified, credit for the specific VEE topic will be granted. The candidate will receive an email confirmation and VEE credit information will appear on the SOA's online transcript facility within approximately 24 hours upon receiving that email. The approval process may take up to four weeks.