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Fellow of the Society of Actuaries (FSA)–Requirements

Requirements to attain the FSA designation include exams, e–Learning courses and modules, validation of educational experiences outside the SOA Education system (VEE), a professionalism seminar and the Fellowship Admissions Course.

Fellowship candidates choose a specialty track and complete the requirements of that track (must complete all requirements in a single track). Candidates have flexibility with regard to the order requirements are completed. However, the SOA has established a recommended order for each fellowship track, which is also reflected in the table below. Candidates should be aware that an examination/module may assume familiarity with material that is covered in any requirement that is recommended to come before that examination or module.

Click on any exam/requirement below to learn more. To find out what credit you will receive for FSA exams and modules passed prior to July 1, 2013, please see the Transition Rules for FSA Track Changes Effective July 1, 2013.

To see the ASA, CERA, or current FSA requirements click on the appropriate tab.

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asa1_off CERA Requirements FSA Requirements edu-table-end

Choose a specialty track below and complete the requirements in that column.

All candidates must complete DMAC and FAC. The requirements in each track are listed in recommended order.

Color Key

Corporate Finance and ERM (CFE) Track
Quantitative Finance and Investment (QFI) Track
Individual Life and Annuities Track
Retirement Benefits Track
Group and Health Track


*ERM Module may be taken at any time, but should be taken prior to ERM exam

**May be taken before or at the same time as the previous item

***May be taken at any time