December 2017

GI PD Opportunities Update

The following is a listing of professional development (PD) opportunities with significant GI relevant content that were offered by the Society of Actuaries (SOA) in 2017:

Sessions/Seminars/Certificate Course

  • 2017 Enterprise Risk Management Symposium, New Orleans, April 20–21 (SOA as co-sponsor)
  • 7th SimErgy ERM Boot Camp, New York, June 26–27
  • The SOA Asia-Pacific Annual Symposium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 6–7
  • 52nd Actuarial Research Conference, Atlanta, July 26–29
  • SOA Predictive Analytics Seminar, Seoul, South Korea, Sept. 8
  • Predictive Analytics Symposium, Chicago, Sept. 14–15
  • SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit, Boston, Oct. 15–18
  • GI Asia Roadshow, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Nov. 7
  • GI Asia Roadshow, Jakarta, Indonesia, Nov. 9
  • GI Asia Roadshow, Bangkok, Thailand, Nov. 27
  • Advanced Business Analytics, Chicago, Nov. 28–30
  • Predictive Analytics Certificate (pilot program offered in 2017)

Webcasts/Virtual Sessions

  • Insurance Analytics with Machine Learning: A Primer for Actuaries Webcast, April 5
  • Professionalism and Actuarial Models Webcast, April 27
  • Pet Insurance Webcast, May 15
  • Actuaries Climate Index Webcast, May 18 (SOA as co-sponsor)
  • V102  The Alphabet Soup of Risk Protection—ORSA & ERM, Virtual session, June 13
  • Communicating Model Results Webcast, Aug. 15
  • The Evolution of ORSA: Through 2017 and Beyond Webcast, Aug. 24
  • Introduction to Technological Tools and Workflows for Big Data Analytics Webcast, Oct. 30

On Demand Recordings/Podcasts/E-Courses

  • Applications of Statistical Techniques for Professional Development E-Course
  • Enterprise Risk Management E-Course
  • Several E-courses on Professionalism
  • Several podcasts on predictive analytics
  • Recordings from past meetings, seminars and webcasts

In addition to these opportunities, there are other ways to earn continuing education credit through the SOA. These include volunteer opportunities in education, research and professional development. Also, don’t forget to check out the SOA’s Engage GI Discussion Forum and read the semiannual General Insurance Insights e-newsletter. If you have an idea for an article for General Insurance Insights, let me know. We welcome ideas and submissions.

This year’s annual meeting included GI relevant content in every concurrent session slot.

2017 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit sessions with a GI focus or GI relevant content: 

  • 031 PD  Hurricane Harvey: Flood Catastrophe Risk Financing and Modeling
  • 049 PD  Predictive Analytics ASOPs: Modeling and Setting Assumptions
  • 067 PD  Growing the Bottom Line through Predictive Analytics
  • 076  SOA General Insurance Hot Breakfast
  • 089 PD  The Evolution of ORSA—Through 2017 and Beyond
  • 103 PD  Artificial Intelligence in GI: Industry Opportunities and Regulatory Challenges
  • 123 PD  The General Insurance Industry and Autonomous Vehicles
  • 126 PD  Illuminating the Hidden Costs of Infectious Disease
  • 150 PD  The Digital and Technological Revolution Part 1: Nuts and Bolts
  • 165 PD  The Digital and Technological Revolution Part 2: Disruption
  • 191 L  Use of Catastrophe Models by General Insurance Companies

Every concurrent session slot also had other options with topics that while not directly GI relevant, were certainly of interest to GI actuaries. 

These sessions included:

  • 026 IF  Model Risk Management
  • 050 PD  Product Development in the InsurTech World
  • 053 OF  RGA Session Series: Innovating to Align with Consumer Demand
  • 055 PD  IFRS 17—“What to Expect When You're Expecting”
  • 064 PD  Redefining Insurance at Point of Sale and Beyond
  • 066 PD  Private Versus Public Sector Actuaries
  • 070 PD  Update on Pre-Qualification and Continuing Education
  • 078 PD  Actuarial Transformation and the Future Actuary
  • 088 PD  Impact of Regulatory Changes on the Reinsurance Environment
  • 099 L  How Would a Country Risk Officer Build a National ERM Program?
  • 105 WS  Professionalism Potpourri:  Making You a Better Actuary
  • 113 L  Risk Management Aspect of Decision Making
  • 114 WS  From Technical Professional to Leader
  • 138 PD  The State of Business: A Case for Change
  • 155 PD  Communication Breakdown
  • 169 PD  IAIS Global Insurance Capital Standards Update
  • 170 PD  Operational Risk Management: What's Working?
  • 174 PD  Newly Proposed ASOPs: Pricing, Modeling and Setting Assumptions
  • 176 PD  Emerging Trends in Model Risk Management  for Small Companies
  • 190 PD  Digital Transformation and Its Impact on Insurance
  • 192 IF  Professionalism in the Everyday Life of an Actuary

We look forward to planning another schedule with significant GI relevant content for the 2018 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit. There will be a call for session proposals early in 2018. Please be sure to submit your proposals to the SOA for GI relevant annual meeting sessions.

The following opportunities are already scheduled for 2018. So far we have:

  • ERM Symposium, April 19–20, 2018
  • Asia-Pacific Annual Symposium, May 24–25, 2018
  • China Annual Symposium, May 28–29, 2018
  • SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit, Oct. 14–17, 2018
  • Predictive Analytics Certificate course

More are being planned. We count on everyone’s support and ideas to make the most of our continuing education opportunities. If you have any ideas for seminars, meeting sessions or webcast topics, please forward them to Anthony Cappelletti, SOA staff fellow at