May 2013

Letter from the Editor

By PW Calfas

Welcome to the Spring 2013 issue of NewsDirect! This issue’s articles cover a wide range of topics relevant to the interests of MaD membership. Those topics include:

  • life insurance innovation,
  • the history of life insurance distribution,
  • the future of life insurance distribution,
  • international life insurance distribution, and
  • worksite distribution.

Where did the ideas for topics come from? How about topics for future issues? The short answer to those questions is: you, MaD membership.

In many cases membership surveys, council meetings, and informal discussions with members highlight lists of topics that the membership is interested in learning more about. Other times, members of other section councils express an interest in writing an article for a topic they feel will be of interest to MaD members.

Those not only find their way into NewsDirect, they also become focal points for meeting sessions, webcasts and research sponsored by MaD.

As a reader of this newsletter, you’re sure to have some great suggestions for future issues. There are many ways you can communicate those suggestions, such as:

  • volunteer to write an article on a topic you’re passionate about,
  • contact a council member with your suggestions, and
  • attend meeting sessions and leave feedback about how relevant the topic of the session is to your interests.

I encourage you to reach out to any MaD council member and get involved in whatever way best works for you.

PW Calfas, ASA, MAAA, is product actuary, Fidelity Life Association. He can be contacted at