November 2014

From The EAS Chairperson: Service and Change are the Continued Emphases

By Nick Ortner

Nick Ortner

Articles in this quarter’s Independent Consultant particularly emphasize the EAS’s theme of change:

  • Unless you are on the PGA Tour, no golfer has ever said, “My game is good as-is.” And if you're like me—struggling to re-tool your golf game, while looking for professional and personal development—EAS expects you’ll find meaningful the article “Passion, Competence, Alignment and the Game of Golf.”
  • In a similar vein, minus the avocation tie-in of the aforementioned article, “The Venture Capital Debate Needs to Grow Up” similarly challenges the current venture capital environment to change for the better.

On the EAS’s second theme of emphasis—service—I’d like to first acknowledge and thank Jay Vogt for his multiple years of service to the Independent Consultant, reliably providing insight from his library of articles to assist in entrepreneurs’ development. On the same theme of service, involvement in the EAS can take the form you want it to take, allowing you to expand your network and enhance your own brand in a rewarding low-risk setting.

  • Is public speaking your thing? The EAS is always looking for new voices for its sessions and webinars.
  • Writing and writer-recruiting a better fit? Newsletter article recruiting and authors are always welcome!
  • Does council involvement pique your interest? Being a friend of the EAS Council will allow you to use your talents and can evolve into a broader position on the Council itself.
  • Or do other roles that you define work best? The EAS is open to molding to your skills and availability to fill undeveloped niches at the pace and level of involvement that suits you.

Please contact any EAS Council member with ideas, questions, and interests in volunteering. Our webpage remains an additional valuable source for ongoing activities and information:

Nick Ortner, FSA, MAAA, is sales vice president for the Group Markets practice of National Guardian Life Insurance Company in Madison, Wis. and current chair of the EAS. He may be reached at 608. 443.5280 or