February 2016

From the Chairperson - getAbstract!!!

Tom Totten getAbstract!!!
By Tom Totten

I would like to highlight a benefit you have as a member of the EAS section: a free membership to getAbstract. getAbstract is a website with summaries of business books. The summaries allow you to digest the material in a very short time period.

From their website:

“Each of our summaries is formatted using getAbstract’s proven template to maximize knowledge retention. Every summary includes a: 1) rating, 2) top take-aways, 3) a full summary, 4) significant quotes, and 5) an author biography and other key points—all of which can be absorbed in less than ten minutes.”


In order to access getAbstract’s website you need to access Sharepoint through the SOA’s website. Here are the steps:

  1. Login into Sharepoint using your SOA login: https://sharepoint.soa.org/default.aspx,
  2. Look at the top for Sections. Click on Entrepreneurial Actuaries Section,
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your account on getAbstract, and
  4. Start downloading the summaries of your favorite business books.

There are summaries of some of my favorite books, including When Genius Failed and The Big Short. I still liked reading the entire books, but summaries are useful, particularly when time is in short supply.

The council would love to hear your feedback on whether you find this offering of use. Please let us know. Otherwise, Happy New Year.