April 2015

Chairperson's Corner

By Rick Gorvett

It is an honor to be the chair of the Education and Research (E&R) Section Council this year. The E&R Section is a collection of dedicated actuaries with common interests in the future of the SOA, the well-being of the actuarial profession, and the potential societal benefits that flow from the effective management of risk. In particular, our section pursues these interests along two dimensions:

  • Advocating for a robust and effective system of education for future actuaries. Training future members of our profession involves a rich and coordinated mixture of activities at various levels: university programs, professional actuarial exams, and continuing education opportunities.
  • Encouraging an environment in which research advancing the profession is actively pursued, encouraged, and valued.

The articles in this issue of Expanding Horizons provide a flavor of the variety of E&R activities and interests in education and research. In addition, the section is participating in several upcoming events. The 50th Actuarial Research Conference will be held at the University of Toronto on August 5–8, 2015; Sam Broverman, a member of the E&R Section Council, is overseeing this year’s conference. (More information can be found in the accompanying article in this issue of Expanding Horizon .) At the 2015 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit in October, the E&R Section is looking to sponsor and organize several sessions. And we will also have a presence at the upcoming Life and Annuity Symposium, as well as the SOA Health Meeting, including sponsoring breakfast sessions at both events.

If you have an interest in actuarial education and/or research, and in the future of our profession, why not join us as an active friend of the council?

Rick Gorvett, ASA, CERA, FCAS, MAAA, is director of the actuarial science program, and the State Farm Companies Foundation Scholar in Actuarial Science, at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He can be reached at gorvett@illinois.edu.