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Mortality by Socioeconomics

The study examines the growth of socioeconomic inequalities in mortality, deterioration of recent mortality trends and increasing gaps. 

2021 Derivatives Webcast Series

Derivatives: Trends and Applications in Insurance and Pension
March 11

Topics in Derivatives: Impacts of Market Changes
March 23

Longevity and Mortality Linked Derivatives
April 23 

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Can We Achieve More for Less?

Technology is impacting the delivery of health care. Can innovation reduce costs for consumers? Read The Actuary.


Changing International Capital and Accounting Standards Update - Risk Management Perspectives

How prepared are you for the new International Financial Reporting Standards for insurers? Join us March 26 to understand the risks and challenges. 

SOA and CAS Expand Diversity Exam Reimbursement Program

The expanded program now offers qualified candidates exam reimbursement and study material stipends for two additional credentialing requirements. Find out more. 

Prometric Testing Centers - Answers to Your Questions

As COVID-19 continues to impact seat availability at Prometric Centers, we have gathered some options to help you. Find out more. 

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