2020 Year-End U.S. Statutory Financial Reporting Considerations Webcast

Three experts will cover the latest considerations for the year's U.S. statutory financial reporting work. Join us Dec. 18. 

InsurTech Entrepreneurship & the Pandemic

Listen to this InsurTech podcast episode on challenges and opportunities to support innovation within InsurTech today. 

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An Actuarial Forecast

Actuaries can all find their own ways to leave their mark on the actuarial profession outside of their day-to-day work. Read how in The Actuary.

The Code, the ASOPs, and the ABCD Webcast

Review the Code of Professional Conduct, the Actuarial Standards of Practice, and the role of the Actuarial Board for Counseling and Discipline in upholding them, Dec. 1.


Maximize the Potential of Your Actuarial Students Webcast

Actuarial students share what worked and didn't in their experience with different managers. Managers share their advice on managing successful students. 

In Memory of Kathleen Marie Hockenberry

Kathleen M. Hockenberry, ASA, EA, MAAA passed away Oct. 30, 2020. She was a valued member of the SOA for 27 years and an invaluable volunteer in a variety of roles. The SOA's deepest condolences go to her family and friends. 

A Conversation on Artificial Intelligence

Beena Ammanath of Deloitte AI Institute and Humans for AI, and Christine Hofbeck, FSA, discuss digital transformation and the impact of AI for actuaries.