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Listen to Upcoming Webcast About Raw Data Transformation

Attend the Let's Talk Dataviz webcast on July 14 and learn about potential insights to be made when presented raw data. One of the focuses will be on utilizing data to create better business decision and learning how to break it down into digestible pieces. Sign up for this webcasts today.

SOA Board Approves Extension to FSA Transition Deadline

The SOA Board of Directors approved a one-year extension for Fellowship candidates who attained the ASA designation by July 1, 2018. Learn more about the new deadline. 

Sign Up for the Globally-Accredited IFRI Certificate Program

Gain a higher knowledge in IFRS 17 and earn a certificate that battles financial industry challenges in a global setting. Sign up for the IFRI Certificate Program to upgrade your education.

Job Opportunities

Discover Advice Created to Encourage and Educate

Learn to deal with the adversity of life and enjoy a mental reset with the latest article from The Actuary. Discover timeless advice that Jing Lang, FSA, FCIA, FLMI, MAAA, uses to continue challenging and bettering herself.

Join the SOA Nominating Committee

The SOA Governance and Policy Committee oversees the 2022 Nominating Committee recruitment and is now accepting applications for Fellows interested in serving on this committee.

Show Support and Upgrade Your Network by Sponsoring the 2022 Life Meeting

Capture the attention of your key audience by sponsoring the 2022 Life Meeting. Build up your organization and register to become a Life Meeting sponsor today.

Reduction of Exam Hours and Content for ASA and FSA Pathways

The SOA announces a reduction in the exam hours and syllabus content for:

Take Your Next Career Step with the Professional Affiliate Membership

Progress toward a future in actuary science by joining our Professional Affiliate Membership program. Gain exclusive access to tech-skills webcasts, peer-to-peer networking and more. Learn more about how to join.

Registration is Open!

Experience renewed connections with the actuarial community August 24–26, in Chicago or online for our digital program.

Check Out the Latest Underwriting and Innovations Industry News July 17-19

Attend the 2022 SOA Underwriting Innovations Symposium in Chicago. You can network with and learn from industry leaders as you discover what's new with underwriting. Register for this exciting opportunity.

Understanding DeFi

Listen to the Research Insights podcast on decentralized finance for actuaries.

How Does Where You Live Impact Your Health?

Explore research on how geographical differences impact social determinants of health.