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Mathematics of Pension Return Assumptions

Are you an actuary selecting, recommending or evaluating pension return assumptions? This is the webcast for you. Join us Jan. 26.

IFRI Certificate Program

Detailed content and hands-on training to help you remain compliant as you deliver and report on global insurance business. 

Sponsorship Opportunities for 2022

Start planning how you're going to increase your exposure and grow your market in 2022. Explore the sponsorship opportunity that's right for you. 

Job Opportunities


Retirement Risks in a Pandemic World Webcast

Join us Jan. 20 as Barbara J. Hogg, FSA, Brian J. Perlman, ChFC, CLU, FLMI, Ph.D and Anna Rappaport, FSA, MAAA, dive into the findings of the the Society of Actuaries 2021 Retirement Risk Survey. 

Attest Now

You worked hard for your Continuing Professional Development credits (CPD). Now it's the time to make them count. Make sure to report by March 1. 

Hickman Application Open

Submit your completed application for this prestigious scholarship by Feb. 15. Find out more.

Mortality by Socioeconomic Category in the United States

Explore the latest update on this SOA sponsored report presenting mortality analytics and rate estimates for the U.S. 

Embrace the New Year with Inspiring Podcasts

Listen and learn at your own pace through insightful podcasts. 


Asia Young Actuaries Board Game Contest Winners Webcast

The winners of this year's contest provide exciting, futuristic, and imaginative ideas for future actuaries. Join us as we explore the winners on Jan. 27.

SOA Membership Dues

The SOA Membership dues are due now. Find out how to make your payment and explore additional options. 

Volunteer with the SOA

See the latest volunteer opportunities:

View the Fall 2021 Diversity Report

The SOA believes in transparency and accountability in its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, sharing demographic data and long-term goals to support our pledge and responsibility.


Health Care Sharing Ministries

What are the actuarial considerations of rapidly growing HCSMs and current regulations compared to the health care sector?