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Tech Webcast Series - Emerging Tools & Technologies

Learn about the emerging tools and technologies that will dramatically change how actuaries work and interact with data. July 28, Aug. 6, 12 and 18. 

It's Podcast Time: Learn About the Future of Long-Term Care Insurance

As the population ages, the need for long-term care is increasing. Listen to the discussion about the future of the LTC insurance industry.


2020 Life & Retirement Virtual Conference

Gain the knowledge and tools you need to become a leader in uncertain times. Join us Aug. 25-26, 11 a.m - 3 p.m EST. 

Predictive Analytics Certificate Program

Gain an in-depth knowledge of predictive modeling and data analytics. Open to all credentialed actuaries.


Riding the ERM Wave

Enterprise Risk Management has become mainstream. Get a brief history of ERM modeling and see what's coming next.