Trends and Updates on Disability and Group Life Actuaries

Join us for the 2022 Disability Seminar on September 28-29. Updates on the latest industry trends in the Disability and Group Life fields will be covered in this exciting multi-session opportunity. Secure your spot today!

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A Leadership and Management Skills Workshop on October 6-7 focuses on assisting mid-level actuaries elevate their skillset to prepare for a C-suite role. Explore critical ideas and opportunities during this in-depth workshop hosted over two half-days.

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Dive into Emerging Predictive Analytics Practices

Register for the upcoming Predictive Analytics Seminar and learn about industry updates with business experts. Sign up and discover how to optimize output and improve business performance.

COVID-19 and Short-Term Impact on Future U.S. Mortality

The SOA Research Institute surveyed experts of varying backgrounds to gain insight into how COVID-19 might affect future U.S. general population mortality. Download the report to learn more.

15th Annual Emerging Risks Survey

Discover risk managers’ top emerging risks. Tableaus available in the accompanying Guide for Use enable readers to engage with data to create their own graphs.

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Pave the way for your future in actuarial science by joining the Affiliate Membership program. Collaborate with other aspiring actuaries and gain access to a library of content that will assist you with your actuarial pursuits. Sign up for this free opportunity today!

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Discover How Two Actuaries Made History for the Profession

John W. Robinson, FSA, MAAA, FCA, and Roosevelt Mosley, FCAS, MAAA, are both in line to become the first Black presidents for their organizations. Explore the stories of how John, president-elect for the SOA, and Roosevelt, president-elect for CAS, reached the position they're in today.

It's Easy to Become Part of the 2022 ImpACT Conference

Sponsorship for the 2022 ImpACT Conference is still available with a variety of opportunities to choose from. Select your favorite to begin introducing attending actuaries to your organization.