August 2018

From the Editors

By Chris Greig and Carlos Fuentes

We are pleased to present the following articles to our entrepreneurial and innovative audience for the summer 2018 edition of our newsletter:

  1. Why Actuaries Should Start Paying Attention to Python—By Andrew Webster
    Andrew discusses the benefits of learning Python and explains why its popularity among data scientists and actuaries continues to grow.
  2. Artificial Intelligence for Actuaries—By Sarah Abigail
    Sarah describes how artificial intelligence is used in the actuarial profession and raises questions about where its headed and what its impact will be.
  3. Interview with Meredith Reitman—By Carlos Fuentes
    Carlos sits down with Dr. Meredith Reitman to discuss racial diversity in the actuarial profession and related STEM fields.
  4. Don’t Overlook Your Employee Communication Plan—By Wendy Silver
    HR consultant Wendy Silver elucidates the importance of strong communication channels between senior leaders and their employees and provides steps on how to get started.
  5. Innovation Insights—By Eric Sondergeld
    Eric provides tips and words of motivation for the greatest risk takers of all … entrepreneurs.

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Newsletter editors:

Chris Greig, ASA, CERA, ACIA, is an assistant director at Moody’s Analytics. He can be reached at

Carlos Fuentes, FSA, MAAA, MBA, MS, is president at Axiom Actuarial Consulting. He can be reached at .