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AI and the Future of Actuarial Work: Shaping the Future of Insurance and Actuarial Science

In this final episode of a 3-part series, Joe Alaimo, CEO of ProComp, is joined by Deloitte AIS team members Andrew McLeod and Harrison Jones to delve further into the world of Artificial Intelligence, with a specific focus on ReportGen.AI.

Welcome to the final episode of our 3-part series on AI and ChatGPT and their implications for actuaries. In this concluding episode, Joe Alaimo, CEO of ProComp, is joined by Deloitte AIS team members and AI experts Andrew McLeod and Harrison Jones to explore the future trajectory of AI technology and its potential disruption of the insurance and actuarial professions. They reflect on the lessons learned from the adoption of ML/AI technologies in the past decade and anticipate how the impact of General AI (GAI) and Large Language Models (LLM) might deviate from this path. The conversation then navigates through the ethical and professional challenges that could arise with the implementation of GAIs and LLMs in the actuarial profession, strategies insurers can adopt to leverage these technologies while mitigating risks, and how the job market for actuaries might be reshaped with increased adoption of these advanced tools. This podcast offers a fascinating insight into the evolving landscape of the actuarial profession, providing valuable perspectives for anyone in or considering a career in actuarial science.

For more in-depth coverage read Harrison Jones and Andrew McLeod's article in The Actuary.