April 2014

Best Article of CompAct – 2013

By Paul Ramirez

Paul RamirezWe the editors and the Technology Section council often discuss how to properly express our gratitude to our contributing authors. This newsletter delivers truly great articles each issue, and that is solely due to the hard work and time that each of our authors puts in. As a small thank you, we will be giving cash awards to three of our best articles of 2013. These articles were selected by the current and former editors of CompAct: Paul Ramirez, Donald Armstead, Rich Junker, and Andrew Chan. It was VERY difficult to come to a consensus, as we felt that there were eight to nine articles that certainly merited this honor. So while we can only select three articles, we would like to again thank all of our authors. Your efforts make this newsletter what it is!

1st Place – $300 – No Limits by Osmo Jauri and Timo Penttila

2nd Place – $150 – GPUS: How We Went From Zombie Blood Splatter to Financial Projections by Chris Stiefeling

3rd Place – $50 – Analytics and the Analytical Insurer by Stuart Rose

Paul Ramirez, FSA, MAAA, is a senior actuarial associate at Allstate Benefits. He can be reached at paul.ramirez@allstate.com

Money is wonderful, but too soon spent. Authors, winners, given that a love of mathematics is the original force that led you to pen these outstanding articles, we the editors of CompAct are awarding you in addition a more enduring token of our gratitude for your excellent work. Accordingly, each of you will be receiving a compendium of mathematical art and delights, the ...

Quadrivium: The Four Classical Liberal Arts of Number, Geometry, Music, & Cosmology (Wooden Books), by Miranda Lundy, Anthony Ashton, Dr. Jason Martineau and Daud Sutton