SOA Explorer

SOA Explorer is an easy-to-use, interactive tool that helps you find SOA members, employers, universities/colleges, actuarial clubs and jobs by geographic region. You can quickly search by location throughout the world with Google MapsTM technology. 


How to get started

Login to SOA Explorer with your username and password. If you do not currently have a login, please visit SOA’s Online Services to create your login account.  SOA Explorer works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and most Android smartphones/tablets with internet access. For the best experience, access SOA Explorer from a modern web browser.


Online Directory of Actuarial Memberships : As an SOA member (ASA, CERA or FSA), you choose to have your information displayed in the Online Directory of Actuarial Memberships. Your Online Directory information also displays in SOA Explorer based on your preferences. SOA Explorer honors the privacy settings of the Online Directory.





On SOA Explorer you can search for the following: 

Members - Reach out and network with SOA members by name, location, and/or SOA designation.  Search results can include member’s name, credentials, employer, job title, address, email, and phone where available (according to each member’s Actuarial Directory preferences.) If available, you will also find social media profiles and e-Learning or professional development courses in which the member is actively enrolled.

Employers - Find actuarial employers searching by name and/or location. Results include employer name, website, mailing address, the approximate number of SOA members employed at each location and which SOA members have specified the location as their employer. You can find other office locations for any employer by further filtering on the map.

Universities and Colleges - Search colleges and universities with actuarial science programs and courses by searching name and/or location. Filter results by SOA Centers of Actuarial Excellence (CAE)Universities and Colleges with Actuarial Programs (UCAP) and  Validation by Educational Experience (VEE).  Search results include the type of program listed, the website, mailing address, actuarial department and university profile (where available).

Actuarial Clubs - Find local actuarial clubs and view information such as their website, email and the club contact person. Only known actuarial clubs are listed. Submit a club for  SOA Explorer by filling out this  form.

Jobs and Internships - Find jobs and internships by geographic location or employer from the SOA Job Center. Search results include a brief description of the job or internship and a link to view detailed information on the position and contact information. Employers interested in posting jobs can learn more at the SOA Job Center in Employer/Recruiter Support.

e-Learning Candidates- Access SOA Explorer from the e-Learning system to find other candidates and members taking the same e-Learning courses as you. This applies to candidates and members with active e-Learning courses.