Writing Opportunities With the SOA

Learn about different opportunities to write for the Society of Actuaries (SOA). The organization encourages SOA members to submit material for publication whenever they believe such material will benefit the profession. The SOA accepts submissions for a broad range of publications, including section newsletters, The Actuary and the North American Actuarial Journal. The primary objective of the SOA's publications is to disseminate relevant and timely information that serves the need of the actuarial community and inform the community of the SOA's activities.

North American Actuarial Journal (NAAJ)

The NAAJ accepts scholarly material from SOA members and non-members. These materials include research, survey, synthesis, practice and educational papers. Submit papers through the publication's online submission system. Access the author guidelines and reviewer guidelines. For reprints and permission requests, please visit Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group's permissions help page. For questions about the NAAJ, please contact Julia Anderson Bauer, staff editor.

The NAAJ wants to share the work of its authors. Find best practices guidelines for authors to share their work in a copyright compliant way and information on making an article open access.

The Actuary and TheActuaryMagazine.org

Submit your idea or article for The Actuary to Jacque Kirkwood, staff editor. All article submissions will be reviewed by the contributing editors for publishing consideration. Articles should be on current topics and relevant to the actuarial profession, such as predictive analytics, trends in technology and leadership skills. All submissions should be in WORD format and submitted via email. Authors will receive feedback and notification regarding publication status.


The SOA's professional interest sections publish newsletters containing practical information for actuaries and trends impacting their work. Search the SOA volunteer database for editing and writing opportunities for the section newsletters. Visit the SOA Candidate Connect newsletter page for its article submission details.

About the Publication Process

Publication production, which includes writing, editing, design, printing and distribution, is the responsibility of the SOA's professional editorial staff. Cheré LaRose, the Director of Member and Candidate Communications oversees the editorial processes and makes recommendations to the SOA Board of Directors on policy matters affecting all publications. Other committees and editorial boards oversee each individual publication. Coordination and dialogue are maintained with SOA leadership, other committees and special interest sections to enhance consistency in publications and to respond to membership needs.