Join an SOA Section

If you’re interested in joining one or more of SOA’s 20 professional interest sections, you’ve landed on the correct page. To get started, visit “Join Now” below.

And remember, you don’t have to be an SOA member to join a section. SOA members, as well as other business professionals, are welcome to join one or more sections. All section members enjoy access to a variety of resources in each section, including:

  • The section newsletter
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities online and at SOA events
  • Volunteer opportunities within a section council or section-sponsored activity
  • Discounts to section-sponsored events

Section Membership Details

  • Anyone can join any section any time of year.
  • For most sections, only SOA members have voting privileges in section elections.
  • Section dues amounts vary per section and per year.
  • See the table below for dues specific to each section.

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Section Dues
Actuary of the Future $25.00
Education and Research $20.00
Entrepreneurial & Innovation Section $25.00
Financial Reporting $25.00
Health $40.00
International $25.00
Investment $25.00
Joint Risk Management (SOA–CAS–CIA) $25.00
Leadership & Development $30.00
Long Term Care Insurance $30.00
Marketing and Distribution $20.00
Modeling $25.00
Pension $30.00
Predictive Analytics and Futurism $25.00
Product Development $25.00
Reinsurance $20.00
Smaller Insurance Company $25.00
Social Insurance & Public Finance $25.00
Taxation $20.00
Technology $20.00

SOA membership dues are billed annually and follow the SOA memberships dues schedule. If you join a section on October 1 or later, your membership is for the following year, but you will begin receiving member benefits immediately. If you join a section in September, your membership is for the current year.

You must have paid up status on your section membership in order to vote in that section's election.