Winning Student Research Case Study Challenge

See the top submissions from the SOA Research Institute's 2022 Case Study. Actuarial students around the world competed in teams to showcase their actuarial skills.

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Do you want to take a deeper dive into predictive analytics? Registration for the 2022 PA Seminar is open until June 9. Don't miss out on this virtual opportunity to collaborate with your colleagues.

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Explore the Impact of COVID-19 on Retirement on May 19

Connect with us on May 19 and listen to the Impact of COVID-19 webcast. Determine current and future impacts that the pandemic will have on the retirement industry. 

Reduction of Exam Hours and Content for ASA and FSA Pathways

The SOA announces a reduction in the exam hours and syllabus content for:

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Pave your path in actuary science to earn the right to sign up for our Professional Affiliate Membership. Register for this accomplishment today.

Analysis on Cause of Death 

This report analyzes the impact of COVID-19 on the individual life insurance industry’s mortality experience

Attend the Convenient and Affordable 2022 Emerging Leaders Summit

Upgrade your communication and professional skills for an low, affordable cost. The virtual 2022 Emerging Leaders Summit will be held from May 24-25, so secure you're spot before you miss this exciting event.

2022—2023 SOA Hickman Scholars

The SOA announced the five James C. Hickman Scholars, receiving stipends for their doctoral candidates work on actuarial research and education.

Run for a Section Council Position - Materials Due May 31

Help shape the activities and professional development programs within each professional Section through a leadership role.

Jump into Immigration, Entrepreneurship, and Actuarial Success

Browse through this interview with Vladimir Krepkiy, FSA, FCA, FCIA, MAAA, as he discusses his life and accomplishments both inside and outside the actuary science field.