Grades and Performance Feedback for CBT Preliminary Exams P, FM, IFM, STAM, and SRM


An unofficial pass/fail result will be displayed on the computer screen at the conclusion of the examination. The candidate should carefully read the result that is displayed on the computer screen at the conclusion of the exam.

In most test centers, a printed copy of the candidate’s unofficial pass/fail result will be available upon completion of the computer-based test from the proctor in the administrative area outside the testing room. Note: Exam P and Exam FM candidates will now receive an emailed score report from Prometric within the hour after testing is finished. No paper pass/fail report is handed out to the exam P or FM candidates. All other preliminary multiple-choice exams at this time will continue to receive a printed copy of the pass/fail report at the Prometric testing center.  The official decile scores will be available for both CBT and pencil-and-paper candidates in the SOA online transcript facility approximately eight weeks after the exam administration.

The unofficial instant pass/fail results received by candidates after they complete a CBT exam have been extremely reliable. Since this practice began in February 2007 the SOA has administered CBT exams to tens of thousands of candidates. In all that time there was only one instance, very early in the transition to CBT, where the unofficial instant pass/fail result did not match a candidate’s official final score result.  Candidates can be very confident that their unofficial pass/fail result will match their official final scores.

*When the exam is brand new or the syllabus for any of the above referenced exams has been changed, results will no longer be instantaneous (at least for the next few sessions) since post-exam analysis will be required by the examination committee. Instead, results will be released on the SOA website about 8 weeks after each testing window ends.

CBT Preliminary Exam Performance Feedback 

A diagnostic representation is provided for all candidates who are unsuccessful on the preliminary CBT exams (this feedback is not available for preliminary paper/pencil exam administrations). This performance feedback is provided at the Prometric testing center along with unofficial instant results. (Note: Exam P and Exam FM candidates that are not successful will see their performance feedback in the emailed report.) It is designed to provide general guidance on the areas needing further study prior to a next attempt.

The ratings are produced using a standard methodology employed by Prometric. However, with the relatively low number of questions on these exams it is possible that a candidate mistake on one or two exam questions will have an adverse effect on the feedback ratings assigned and could move the rating into a category that may not accurately reflect the candidate’s knowledge of the subject. It is up to the candidate to determine the specific areas where future study emphasis should be focused.  

Please note: This feedback is completely independent of the grading process for the exams and has no direct correlation to the grade you receive. It is only intended to aid unsuccessful candidates when they begin to prepare for another attempt. No changes have been made to the grading process for the CBT exams.