Validation by Educational Experience (VEE) Frequently Asked Questions

Updated March, 18 2016

For more information please see the VEE Home Page on the SOA website.

General Questions

Why VEE?

How does the VEE process work?

What are the requirements to apply for VEE credit?

VEE Online Order Questions

I’m applying online and have come across some glitches in the system and can’t complete my order, what should I do?

Can I only checkout with one VEE topic at a time?

Can I pay with a check if I’m entering an order online?

VEE Application  Questions

After I submit my application for VEE Candidate Credit, how long will it take to get a response?

I’ve received a confirmation email, why don’t the VEE credits appear on my SOA transcript yet?

Why do I have to wait until I have credit for two SOA before I can submit my application for VEE Candidates Credit?

What kind of documentation is needed to receive VEE Candidate Credit for a VEE topic?

I am applying for all three VEE topics using courses taken at the same university. How many transcripts do I need to send?

VEE Approved Courses/Experiences Questions

Can I combine courses/experiences from more than one institution to complete a VEE topic requirement?

In the VEE Online Directory of Approved Courses and Alternate Options, what do the “Begin Date” and “End Date” mean?

What does the information mean in the last column of the VEE Online Directory of Approved Courses and Alternate Options?

How can I get credit for a course taken before or after the approved timeframe?

Can I use a course that seems to fulfill Vee credit, even though it doesn’t appear in the online directory of approved courses?

I’ve applied for a Course Approval, can I use that course to apply for VEE credit?

Can I submit my Micro course now and my Macro course later when I’ve completed it?

Can I use transferred courses for VEE credit?

The acceptable grade options do not reflect the scale used at my university. How do I place my VEE candidate credit order?

I took a course as Pass/Fail or Credit/No Credit. Can I use it for VEE?

I applied for VEE credit last year, so you already have a transcript from my university. Do I need to send another transcript with my current application or do you still have it?

What score on standardized exams is required for VEE credit?

Can I use AP Exams to receive VEE credit?

Other Questions

Do I have to go back to school to get VEE credits?

Do I need to fulfill the VEE requirements before taking the preliminary exams?

Can courses from the pre-2000 system be used for VEE?

I have credit for Courses/Exams 1 through 4 from the pre-2005 education system. Do I have to worry about VEE?

Why do my VEE credits not appear on my transcript from the pre-2005 education system?

Can an Independent Study course be used for VEE credit?

Can I get credit for any of the exams by the VEE process?