ASA Application Process - Frequently Asked Questions

Following completion of the APC you will receive an email about completing an ASA Application. Once you have submitted the application you will receive a confirmation that we have received your application and it is being processed.

Q: What if attending the APC isn’t my last requirement for ASA? Can I still complete the ASA Application?

A: Yes, there is no penalty in submitting your ASA Application early.

Q: If the APC is my last requirement, will I be automatically added to the ASA list for that month?

A: No, the ASA Application has to go through an approval process which can take approximately four weeks.

Q: When is the list of new ASAs posted?

A: The ASA list typically posts towards the end of each month.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have any additional questions?

A: You can contact for all inquiries regarding the ASA Application process.